Hear In America Hearing Plans was founded to help people get the hearing care they need. Our company founders are licensed hearing instrument specialists, all have family members with hearing loss, and one wears hearing aids also: this business is a personal cause for us. We have been serving groups, primarily of retirees, since 1995.

We currently serve over twenty-five different associations, with millions of members.

* We focus on personal attention: real people answer the phones here, minimizing automated  
   recordings, and we can also transfer each call directly to their local hearing center.
* We work with all leading hearing aid manufacturers to ensure that members are fit with quality  
* We track and follow up on all member service requests.
* Our staff acts as a liaison between the member and the hearing center, answering questions and
   clarifying issues with members as needed.

* For information about our reproduction 19th century ear trumpets brochure, please click here.

Hear In America is proud to sponsor Lonnie Dupre in his attempt to become the first person to climb Alaska’s Mt. McKinley solo in January. Lonnie is a worldwide winter explorer and mountain climber who has twenty-five years experience in arctic and northern expeditions.


Follow his efforts on www.lonniedupre.com or “like” him on Facebook.




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